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Membership Fees

Membership fees are dependant on the type of work you perform, and whether you are an apprentice or trainee. Remember – membership fees are partially tax deductible.

Most members of the Mining & Energy Union Queensland District Branch work for an employer for which the District has decided to organise its members by establishing a Lodge. Where a Lodge is established, all members who are permanent employees, trainees, apprentices, casual, fixed term or temporary employees who are employed by the same employer as Lodge members will be in the Lodge and will pay full Lodge dues. The financial obligations of each Lodge vary and are available from the Lodge or District. Under the Union Rules Lodges are encouraged to enroll employees of contractors permanently based at the workplace covered by the Lodge. However, the decision to enroll or not enroll employees of contractors remains a decision of the Lodge.

Members who are not able to join a Lodge, are classified as “State Members”. The current ongoing financial obligations of State Members are as follows.

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  • The current basic rate for Coal State dues is $39.30 per week.
  • The current basic rate for Gas, Ports, Power and Industrial Cleaners is $18.30 per week.

Please note that the membership dues include a component for the National Assistance levy, which means that,

  1. If you are involved in an industrial dispute you may be eligible for $1,050.00 per week for the duration of the dispute.
  2. If you are killed at work, or to or from work, your estate will receive $200,000.00 at the time of your death.

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