Mining & Energy Union
Queensland District

The Union standing up for workers mainly in coal mining and energy production. Servicing members in the Bowen Basin, West Moreton, Surat Basin coal fields, coal ports and power generation.

Coal industry
Coal industry

The coal industry is the vast bulk of the Mining & Energy Union’s coverage

oil, gas, electricity, energy union
power generation

Power stations, oil refineries and other parts of the oil and gas production chain

coal ports union
coal ports

People employed at export coal ports located along the east coast of Australia

what’s happening

Make black lung history

Make black lung history

Black Lung was never eradicated. It was here all along. But why did it appear to be eradicated? In the 1960s, a system was set up to monitor workers’ health issues.

Think fair BHP

think fair bhp

Operations Services workers wear BHP shirts but are employed by shelf companies on conditions that haven’t been fairly negotiated by workers and their unions.

same job same pay

same job same pay

Large companies have used the labour hire loophole in Australia to pay some of their workforce less for doing the exact same job.
Let’s close the labour hire loopholes.

what the union can do for you

health and safety

Get access to full-time Safety and Health Representatives (ISHR’s or Checkies). If you are put in an unsafe position, it is your legal right to anonymously contact an ISHR.

legal advice and representation

Currently the Union employs two in-house legal officers. The legal officers are there to give members advice and assistance for work related matters.

unfair dismissal and adverse action

Lodge claims for unfair and unlawful dismissal or termination of employment due to conduct of the employer. Be secure with the knowledge that you are protected from ‘adverse action’ if your employment is terminated.

union members


cfmeu established year


cfmeu mining and energy digger

Black coal mines

what our members say

You can dig your heels in and bring up issues, and not worry about being chastised because you’ve got the backing of the Mining & Energy Union QLD District.

Ryan Bates
Ryan Bates

The Mining & Energy Union took on my case and we won. My case opened the way for all casuals working permanent rosters to claim entitlements like paid leave.

paul skene - case win
Paul Skene

I’ve been a long time member of the Union since 1982. I can’t stress enough, we are workers of the mining industry and will continue to look after our members.

rick hibble
rick hibble

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